CUT THE STRINGS is the true story of a mother who experienced the agony of watching her daughter walk away from everything right and good, ending up in a life of degradation and shame while each of them lived in their own reality.

It is also the story of a daughter’s desperate search for a life of fulfillment and acceptance who found herself instead chained in a prison of emptiness, addictions
and despair.

Best of all, it is a story about GOD, the one who relentlessly pursued a willful young woman, protected her life, and sustained a family through it all.

Co-authored by Sharon and her daughter, Amy, CUT THE STRINGS offers a life line of encouragement and hope to parents who are heartbroken and hurting over their wayward and rebellious children.

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What parents are saying about CUT THE STRINGS.

“Anyone who has lived with and prayed for a prodigal child will relate to this story. Told with honesty and vulnerability, Sharon and Amy both allow us into their lives as they struggle toward hope and healing.” Marcia

“A wonderful story! Beautifully written! Powerful! I couldn’t put it down.” Maureen

“This book is a graphic and honest portrayal of an intense journey with a “prodigal” child. The level of honesty and transparency by both authors is gripping and humbling. This is a must read for anyone facing this situation.” Linda

“Many times I wept as I read and many times I jumped for joy. The story flowed seamlessly and I felt I couldn’t put it down.” Sherri